Friday, February 29, 2008

Poster Feedback

Today we reflected on the poster session and what you learned as well as talked about how to give a "stellar" presentation during your final exam.

HOMEWORK: organize your notes for a notebook quiz on Monday in class.

Here is some of what you said during our discussion.

1.What did you learn from doing a project that you couldn't have learned just from taking a test?

How to present material in an effective way
We got to look up the information.
Got a little bit better at looking stuff up on line.
I probably learned something new everyday.
How to do a bibliography.
We had to teach ourselves
Once we got our feet wet, we wanted to learn about our topic
I had to spend so much time on this, I’m going to remember this forever
You knew a lot more then by just taking a test
Really work on it, rather than just listening or taking notes.
Taught you that you have to be organized and have your stuff together, if you don’t it will screw you over.

2. What would you do differently?
Plan ahead – all the work, dividing up what you are going to do
Buy a poster on time
Map things out before you start to glue things
Take advantage of class time
Be more creative on poster
Better use of blank space
Get a bit more done right off the bat, because I definitely procrastinated a bit
Spending more time on it overall.

3. What advice would you give for next year's class?
Do GMO’s.
Be neat with the poster and presenting
Try to finish the project 3 days before it’s due, so you have time to work on the minor details.
Don’t be scared of presenting
Make sure you pick a topic that you think you can find a lot of information for.
Be brave and pick a topic you don’t know anything about so you can learn something.
Don’t wait till the last second
Follow the deadlines
Actually use the summary tables
Schedule your time properly
Have fun with it.